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Who we serve

MVM PROS has four unique service offerings. We help mechanics start and run their own mobile automotive repair business by providing them with all of the resources, training and support they need. We help Veterans find a new career opportunity by partnering with them so they can use the skills they learned in the military to build a successful business. We help business owners, who are not mechanics, get established in the high demand mobile automotive industry. Finally we help consumers; both individuals and commercial, discover a better way to maintain and service their vehicles.

TECH Partners

MVM Tech Pros assist experienced mechanics in becoming self-employed as Professional Mobile Automotive Service Technicians.

VET Partners

The MVM VET PROS program offers a partnership that supports veterans in their civilian life by helping them transition into business ownership as mobile mechanics operating their own service trucks.

Dealer Partners

Entrepreneurs and those with an entrepreneurial spirit can now enter the mobile automotive service industry as business owners with our program which is specifically designed for people with no technical background or experience.


Through our national network of mobile partners, we are able to refer high quality, well trained technicians that bring their equipment and skills to you. No need to go to a shop, you save time and money because they come to you.

Be Your Own BOSS

Your journey to business ownership starts here!